Updated March 12, 2015

Constellation recently published our State of Enterprise Technology series of research reports. These reports assess the current state and describe the future direction of several technologies. Use these reports to measure your organization's progress with your enterprise solutions and plan for the future. 

Check our research library often as Constellation will publish reports in our State of Enterprise Technology series throughout Q1. Want to suggest a topic for a report in the "State of Enterprise Technology" series? Drop us a line. 

The State of Marketing 

By Natalie Petouhoff

State of Marketing Customer Experiences and Marketing Further Intertwine  

 Seven measures early adopters must take to prepare for the disruptive forces influencing marketing. Use this report to benchmark and plan for your marketing future.


The State of Manufacturing

By Guy Courtin and R "Ray" Wang

State of Manufacturing Manufacturing Adopts Mass Personalization Ideology

 In 2015 manufacturing will dive into digital transformation as producers take advantage of data insights to create ever-more customized products. 



The State of HCM

By Holger Mueller

State of HCM

Inside the Future of HCM

This report examines seven trends influencing human capital management. Find out how organizations will manage their most valuable resource: their people. 


The State of the Cloud

By Holger Mueller

9 Cloud Trends CXOs Need to Know 2015

Inside the Nine Cloud Trends Every CxO Needs to Know in 2015

As internal and external apps continue to dominate business, the cloud evolves into the responsibility of the entire C-suite. Consequently, all CxOs should be aware of major trends in cloud technology. Prepare yourself for a productive conversation about the future of the cloud in your organization.

The State of IT Services

By R "Ray" Wang

State of Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services Take Center Stage For 2015

The Digital Transformation Services market is set to explode in 2015. Constellation forecasts it to surpass $100.7B in 2020. This report defines the Digital Transformation Services space, identifies seven trends to watch as the market gains traction in 2015, and provides notes on identified services providers.  

The State of Retail in 2015 and Beyond

By Guy Courtin

State_of_Retail_coverDigital Technologies Reshape Retail and Shift Customer-Retailer Relationship

The customer-retailer relationship will become more cooperative in 2015. Learn about the Amazon Trap, visibility, the Internet of Things, network insights, and more trends in the state retail in 2015. 

The State of Collaboration in 2015

By Alan Lepofsky

State of Collaboration

The Future of Collaboration Lies at the Intersection of Social Interaction and Data-Driven Insights

Currently collaboration shows maturity in market and user adoption. The future of collaboration must address the human element in Digital Transformation. 


The State of Customer Success Management in 2015

By Natalie Petouhoff


Next-Generation Customer Experience Is Guiding Customer Success Management

Customer service and support evolves into customer success management. Customer success management becomes a top priority for all companies, at all levels.  


The State of Digital Safety and Privacy in 2015

By Steve Wilson


Digital Safety and Privacy is about the art and science of maximizing the information assets of a business, including its most important assets – its people. The future of digital safety and privacy requires new awareness of data flows.


The State of Post-Sale Commerce in 2015

By Guy Courtin


Post-sale commerce is set to be an important revenue driver for many organizations. Organizations moving to post-sale commerce must consider five key elements included in this report.  



The State of Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership

By Andy Mulholland

SOS_Digital_Leadership_BoardroomThe State of the Digital Boardroom and CxO in 2015

Digital transformation remains an important initiative for businesses in 2015 and boards need to learn how to guide digital transformation projects. The Internet of Things emerges as the key to real digital business transformation.  

The State of Supply Chain Management

By Guy Courtin

Supply_Chain_State_of_State_GcourtinThe future of supply chains demonstrates how digital will transform business models. 

Being demand-driven remains the goal to achieve, the Future of Work and BYOD will affect the supply chain, and data is the product in the state of the supply chain in 2015.