Conference planners: bring life to your events with Dynamic, Inspiring, and Energetic keynotes. 

Looking for engaging speakers with decades of industry credibility?  Constellation's analysts make great keynote speakers, workshop facilitators, panel moderators, and experts for field marketing events.  

Analysts deliver keynotes across Constellation's business research themes.

Sample keynote topics:

  • The Four Personas of the Next Generation CIO
  • Ten Megatrends Businesses Will Face in 2021
  • Your Future Depends on Engaging Your Employees and Customers
  • The Future of Commerce is Matrix Commerce
  • Building Big Data Business Models 
  • Realizing Business Value with Big Data
  • Empowering the Citizen Developer
  • 10 Things CIOs Need to Know about WebRTC
  • The 9 C's of Disruptive Technology Adoption
  • The Future of Software Monetization
  • The Changing Landscape of HCM: Moving to the Cloud
  • Enterprise Social: It's All About Getting Work Done
  • Why Reputation Matters
  • ERP: Ensuring Success After Implementation
  • Purposeful Collaboration
  • Five Consumer Tech Trends Impacting the Enterprise
  • Building a Social Culture
  • Cloud Computing User's Bill of Rights
  • Demystifying Enterprise Gamification for the Enterprise
  • Customer Service for a Disruptive World
  • Big Data: It's Not The Size, It's How You Use It
  • Human Capital Data Without Silos
  • Engaging the Digital Customer

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