Ambient Experience 100

What is Ambient Experience?

Authentic. Effortless. Contextual. Ubiquitous. These are just some of the words that come to mind for a new age of experience that applies the same focus and attention on the experiences delivered outbound to customers as it does to the how those experiences are delivered internally by employees.

Customer Experience is a strategy that purposefully orchestrates engagements between brands and buyers across a vast array of tactile and experiential channels. Employee Experience is a strategy that establishes platforms and processes to purposefully empower employees to be exceedingly successful at the delivery of a customer’s experiences.

Ambient Experience is the mindset that ensures that each of these powerful experience strategies is interconnected, intelligence-driven and intentionally people-centered.

Who are the AX100? The AX100 represent leading global executives focused on transforming both customer and employee experiences across their markets and their organizations. These leaders go beyond technology transformers and strategy visionaries —they represent an exclusive cadre of rule breakers, peers and influencers willing to rethink possible. These are the leaders taking big chances, braving new tactics and never losing sight of how experiences, both internal and external, drive profitable businesses that can use their growth to positively impact and change the world.

How are the AX100 Selected? Constellation Research aggregates nominations to identify leaders across CX. Along with research by Constellation analysts focused on the core tenents of CX, a list of thousands is narrowed to the top 100 leaders advancing experience from strategy to delivery and back again. Click here to nominate a CX leader.

How will the AX100 be recognized and celebrated? Constellation Research will announce the next class of AX leaders in January 2024 with a gala induction ceremony that will be held at the Ambient Experience Summit (AXS) 2024 scheduled for February in Austin, Texas. AX Leaders will be hosted at this immersive event and interactive workshop where they will have the opportunity to network with peers and hear from the world’s top thinkers in the next age of both customer and employee experiences. AX100 honorees will also become part of a growing, private network of CX and EX executive peers that meet regularly to discuss and debate the hottest topics in AX.

The core makeup of a member of the AX100 include:

  • Bravery in breaking barriers and championing authentic experiences for all
  • A willingness to explore and experiment, especially with new engagement forms and formats
  • Mindset that thinking outside the box is still too limiting
  • Activating and advancing engagements that start with data and advance durable, profitable relationships
  • Recognizing and respecting that the customer calls the shots
  • Celebrating that internal teams are internal customers that also demand care and feeding
  • Driving bottom line impacts by empowering employees to deliver the experiences that matter to the customer and the business
  • Advancing the CX conversation from isolated functional greatness to organization wide change