About Constellation Research

As an award-winning, Silicon Valley-based strategic advisory and futurist analyst firm, Constellation Research serves as innovation advisors for leaders and organizations navigating the challenges of digital strategy, business-model disruption and digital transformation. Unlike legacy analyst firms, Constellation works closely with solution providers, partners, and its Constellation Executive Network of innovative buy-side leaders, C-suite executives and board of directors to lead the way in disrupting technology and research coverage areas and what clients need to achieve valuable business results.

Organizational Highlights

  • Named Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) New Analyst Firm of the Year in 2011 and #1 Independent Analyst Firm for 2014 and 2015.
  • Experienced research team with an average of 25 years of practitioner, management and industry experience.
  • Organizers of the Constellation Connected Enterprise – an innovation summit and best practices knowledge-sharing retreat for business leaders.
  • Founders of Constellation Executive Network, a membership organization for digital leaders seeking to learn from market leaders and fast followers.

Why We Exist

Constellation advises and provides disruptive technology research to market leaders and fast followers. Whether you're a CMO, CIO, or CHRO, or any other business leader, our experienced team of analysts can help you solve the tough technology decisions you face today.

We are passionate about how business models can be transformed by disruptive technology.  Our goal is to help our clients realize the Art of the Possible.

We achieve this by researching the technologies and business models that not only disrupt established players, but also create transformational innovation.  We share our research insights with business leaders seeking more than just a rubber stamped approval or rear mirror confirmation by traditional legacy analyst firms.  Every piece of research begins by understanding how to deliver business value, applying real world experience and insights, and incorporating disruptive technologies and innovative business models as appropriate.  Our mission is to identify, validate, and share these insights with our clients.

As a result, our research community includes board of directors, c-suite executives, line of business leaders, and IT visionaries who are not afraid to challenge the status quo.  Most our clients share a common trait - the passion for learning, innovating, and delivering impactful results.  We cater to market leaders and fast followers.  We help cautious adopters make the transition.  We help laggards see the light.  We take the business model and technology insights from Silicon Valley and provide a pragmatic approach to the rest of the world.


Where We See the Challenge

In today's business environment, the rate of change is not only constant, but also rapidly escalating.  New business models by upstarts disrupt competitors with increasing frequency in all industries and markets.  In just 10 years, even 5 years, or dare say 24 months, many established companies have been left vulnerable, beaten down, and toppled by new upstarts.  

How come?  Business leaders have been too slow to react to their customers and the changes happening in the societal, technological, environmental, economic, and political fronts.  In business models, products are now excuses to sell services. Product innovation cycles have shortened from years to months to weeks. On the work front, five generations in the workforce disagree on where to work, how to work, when to work, and why to work. Add the current trend of consumerization of IT to the pace of change and business leaders must strategically determine which new technologies should be considered.

How Legacy Analyst Firms Fail their Clients

Unfortunately, the legacy research analyst firms and advisory firms continue to fail their clients when faced with these new challenges. Why? Their myopic focus on an IT centric point of view ignores the realities of the market.  In fact, Constellation estimates that the average IT budget is growing at a pace much slower than business tech spending.  At many organizations, tech spending is up on average 18 to 22% at the most innovative firms.  

What's happened? The buying power has shifted and business leaders increasingly take control of or jointly share responsiblity in how they are applying technologies to their business while whittling down the corporate IT budget for operational efficiencies.

Our Research Provides Insights Into the Tough Business Problems You Face Today

The result - Constellation serves as a coach and advisor to senior business leaders working on tough business problems.  We translate new business models to technology requirements and bridge the gap between business and IT.  Our business research themes include:

What's the Next Step?

You now know a little about who we are and why we exist.  We'd love the opportunity to learn more about you, your organization, your challenges, and your aspirations.  Let's turn the Art of the Possible into reality.