May 12, 2024

Monday's Musings: Margin Compression - Tech Vendors Are You Leading The Way Or In The Way?

Technologies for the enterprise have often been seen as enablers for disruption and change.  Over the past five decades as one technology or vendor would come to prominence and dominate a market, challengers would apply new technologies or business models to topple the legacy market and create new markets.  Silicon Valley built its credibility on these disruptive market entrants.  This cycle would continue to repeat itself until the next challenger became the market leader and struggle to hold on to its lead while meeting the demands of investors and the market.

May 5, 2024

Monday's Musing: When The Hunters Become The Hunted

Expect Software Giant Hunters To Soon Be The Hunted In A Digital Giant's Quest For Growth

Six of the Magnificent Seven (Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, Alphabet [Google], Amazon, Meta [Facebook]) stocks have entered the four comma club -over $1 trillion in market cap.  With a combined market cap of over $13.2 trillion, these six players continue to defy physics with continuous quarters of double digit organic growth.  Digital giants by definition have deployed five key strategies:

Constellation Insights
April 8, 2024

Will demographics mitigate the genAI hit to workers?

It's easy to conclude that generative AI is going to take jobs from humans. But there's another argument that genAI will be needed just to maintain and improve productivity levels because there will be fewer workers. There’s a demographic donut hole in the workforce that may be partially ameliorated by genAI.

Constellation Insights
March 30, 2024

An ode to middle managers

This is an ode to middle managers--the people who manage projects, serve as a buffer to executives, and lead teams in smaller batches. Today, we've gone from the COVID-19 era of over hiring to cutting out layers of management. In true American fashion, the pendulum swings all the way to the other side with little to no balance in the middle.

Constellation Insights
March 18, 2024

Nvidia Huang lays out big picture: Blackwell GPU platform, NVLink Switch Chip, software, genAI, simulation, ecosystem

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said "accelerated computing has reached the tipping point" across multiple industries as the company launched new GPUs including a new platform called Blackwell, NVLink Switch Chip, applications and a developer stack that blends virtual simulations, generative AI, robotics and multiple computing fronts.

March 18, 2024

New Analysis: Nvidia GTC 2024 Is The Davos of AI

New Chips, New Business Models Ahead In Accelerated Computing

Nvidia stock is up 267% YoY.  With over 10,000 people in physical attendance and up to 100,000 people virtually attending, this could be the largest AI conference. All eyes on the next wave for AI with CEO Jensen Huang ready to keynote at 1:00 pm PT at the SAP Center in San Jose.  The key things to look for in the keynote: