Five Trends Shifting Power to Retail Consumers

Digitally Empowered Customers Transform the Retail Experience  


As digital technologies spread, the power in the retailer-consumer relationship increasingly is tilting from the retailer to the consumer. This report identifies five important trends retail supply chains must take into consideration in order to remain competitive. 

Cloud-Based Performance Management: Why the Digital Era Demands Agile Planning

Market Overview: Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Cloud-Based Performance Management Is a Difference Maker in Disruptive Times 


Cloud-based CPM market overview reviews three of the fastest-growing CPM products: Adaptive Insights, Anaplan, and Host Analytics. This report explores the features and functions of each system and their suitability for needs including budgeting, planning, forecasting, modeling, analysis, reporting, financial consolidation and regulatory reporting.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service: Benefits of Integrated Stack Begin to Pay Off

Vendor Profile: Oracle Storage Cloud

Head to Head with Amazon, Oracle Shows Its Intent to Compete on All Fronts, Including Pricing 

This report explores the features and functions of Oracle Storage Cloud system and its suitability for supporting key business objectives such as hardening of infrastructure, next generation application projects, storage services, and global compliace and operation.