IBM and SAP Partner, Forging Synergies for Clients’ Digital Transformation

How Complementing Capabilities Create Value for IBM and SAP Customers 

On April 6, 2016, IBM and SAP jointly announced a partnership designed to enable the digital transformation efforts of customers. This report analyzes the features of the partnership and concludes with a partnership synergy analysis to determine the partnership's long-term viability for customers and the market. 

How General Motors Listens to Customers on Social Media

Social Listening Helps Provide Better Insights, Customer Service, and Profitability

This case study documents how General Motors used Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Relationship Management Engagement Platform to create a social media strategy that resulted in consistent customer service around the world, boosted GM's social engagement with customers, and improved customers' perception of GM brands. 

SAP UXaaS Democratizes Usability, Starts Next Wave of User Experience

​Vendor Profile: SAP User Experience-as-a-Service

BUILD and SAP Splash Improve Usability of Enterprise Software 

This report focuses on SAP UXaaS, a new category of cloud-based software designed to improve the usability of enterprise software, aiding not only professional user interface (UI) designers but also technically inclined business users.

Blockchain: Understanding the Weak Links 

Blockchain Surprised the Payments Industry, but Its Usefulness Beyond Digital Money Doesn’t Match the Hype 


This report highlights the weaknesses of Blockchain, the platform underlying Bitcoin digital currency. This report reviews blockchain’s special properties, provides practical advice for deploying digital ledgers, and soberly re-assesses their true disruptive potential.