Six Representative Customers in Recent Oracle Fusion HCM Implementations

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Organizations  are  now  at  the  beginning  of  a  20-­year  replacement  cycle  for  human  capital   management   (HCM)   technology.      Over   the   past   decade,   the   market   of   large   enterprise   solutions  has  consolidated  into  two  major  players,  Oracle  and  SAP ,  challenged  by  a  number   of  new  cloud  entrants.  Oracle  offers  three  HCM solutions  in  the  enterprise  business  solutions   market  with  Oracle  E-­Business  Suite  (EBS),  PeopleSoft  and  Oracle  HCM  Cloud  (Fusion  HCM). 

While  Oracle  announced  the  release  of  Fusion  Applications,  its  business  automation  suite   built  from  scratch,  in  May  2010,  the  market  has  not  had  much  exposure  to  the  customer   wins  and  momentum  of  the  release.  Over  the  past  six  months,  Constellation  has  seen  an   increase  in  interest  in  Oracle  Fusion  HCM.    Recent  inquires,  vendor  short  lists  and  contract   negotiation  projects  show  a  growing  momentum.     

At  Oracle  OpenWorld  2013,  Constellation  interviewed  a  dozen  Oracle  customers  who  have   implemented   Oracle   Fusion   HCM.  Based  on  those   interviews,   customer   inquiries   and  conversations with implementation partners, Constellation believes it's important to not only move to the cloud, but also   consider Fusion HCM when functionality, usability/mobility, integration and flexible deployment matter.

Purpose & Intent: 

As   the   vendor   selection   inquiries,   short   list   requests   and   contract   negotiations   volume   increase   in   the   human   capital   management   (HCM)   space,   Constellation   recently   took   a   deeper   look   at   a   key   player   on   the   HCM   vendor   landscape.   This Best Practices report   discusses   where   Oracle   HCM   is   in   the   market,   what   types   of   selection   patterns   have   emerged   and   when   Oracle  Fusion  HCM  may  be  a  candidate  for  vendor  selection  short  lists  in  a  very  hot  HCM   market.

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