Insights from 341 Respondents Putting Mobility to Work in Key Business Processes 

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Mobility   provides   a   competitive   advantage   to   organizations   that   have   incorporated   and   embedded  it  into  business  processes.    More  than  just  another  channel,  mobility  has  earned   its  place  as  a  mindset  for  not  only  the  consumer  world,  but  also  the  enterprise.    As  the  key   technology  that  defines  consumerization  of  technology,  mobility  has  proven  its  qualitative   benefits.  However,  the  ROI  on  mobility  remains  elusive  at  a  quantitative  level  for  many   organizations.  

Constellation  set  out  to  identify  the  key  metrics  across  eight  mega-­business  processes  that   included  four  front  office  and  four  back  office  mega-­processes.    From  those  mega-­processes,   survey  participants  responded  to  42  key  business  process  metrics.  

The   research   methodology   tracked   stage   of   usage   of   key   business   process   metrics   and   determined  the  actual  ROI  achieved  in  each  business  process  metric.    Constellation  sourced   the  results  from  over  400  individual  interviews,  electronic  surveys  and  case  studies. Almost  15  percent  of  the  responses  were  eliminated  for  incompleteness  and  inaccuracy,  resulting   in  341  cleansed  responses.      

The results revealed the rate of adoption for the 42 business process metrics and ROI results for early adopters, sliced by size of organization, industry,   department and business process.  Constellation's subscribers  can access the full Constellation IndexTM: Mobile ROI as an interactive tool with their logins.

Purpose & Intent: 

This   report   launches   Constellation   IndexTM  product.     Constellation  set  out  to  identify  the  key  business  processes  where  mobility  made  massive   impacts  on  measurable  metrics.    The  Mobile  ROI  research  results  provide  market  leaders   and  fast  followers  key  metrics  commonly  measured  in  mobility.     

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