Transform the Voice of the Customer into Positive Action

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Surveys   are   pervasive,   occurring   across   all   customer   channels.      Brands   collect   huge   amounts  of  customer  information  through  their  survey  processes  and  operational  metrics,   but  this  does  not  necessarily  help  them  improve  customer  advocacy.    Although  there  is  a   wealth  of  data  on  customer  opinions,  brands  need  an  easy  way  to  make  this  data  actionable.     Many  brands  miss  the  mark  with  outmoded  types  of  surveys  that  require  a  long  processing   time,   manual   effort   and   experts   to   analyze.   Automating   customer   feedback   with   high   performance   software  offers valuable insight and identifies the customers' experiences across   the   entire   lifecycle   of   products   and   services.   Its   predictive   analytics   identify   risk   factors  and  help  companies  reduce  customer  churn.    As  brands  strive  to  improve  customer   engagement,   they   should   consider   deploying   customer   feedback   management   tools,   so   anyone  in  their  organization  can  easily  check  the  status  of  customers  any  minute  of  every   day.   All   departments   within   an   organization   benefit   with   immediate   and   easy   access   to   reports  that  provide  actionable  customer  insight.    

This  Quark  discusses how to capture  the customer's voice to gain valuable information that can be turned into steps to improve products and services.   

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