Online Communities Customer Care QuarkOnline Communities are a Fast-Growing Strategic Tool for Promoting Customer Engagement

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This Trends Quark explains how innovative companies implement social communities to meet the demands of their customers' quickly evolving service needs. This Quark contains a list of community solutions recognized by Constellation's SuperNova Awards as innovative uses of disruptive technology.

Online  social  communities  reduce  support  costs  and  improve  response  times  by  accessing   the  collective  intelligence  of  its  members  and  deflecting  support  calls.  Innovative  brands  have discovered a compelling approach to capture their customers' attention, improve engagement, and lower support costs.  These  market  leaders  offer  online  social  customer   forums   to   provide   individualized   customer   support   that   makes   it   easy   and   intuitive   for   members  to  find  and  share  content.  Online  communities  succeed  in  helping  customers  find   accurate  information  quickly  and  reduce  the  need  for  customers  to  seek  the  assistance  of   agents  for  service.    As  brands  actively  engage  customers  in  their  online  communities,  they   promote  loyalty  and  retention  among  their  members.   

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