Set a Broad Strategic Vision, but Implement CPQ with a Phased Approach

Whether you are implementing a configure, price, quote (CPQ) system for the first time or moving to a new one, it is important to take advantage of best practices in order to avoid the major pitfalls and to capture the biggest benefits of these tools. 

At its best, a CPQ system can drive behavioral and operational changes that make your organization easy to buy from and do business with. This is a critical step in driving a broader transformation agenda designed to improve customer experience and business performance. CPQ systems ultimately touch on so many departments and processes that success depends on the right balance of forethought and pragmatism.

This Best Practices guide highlights some of the consistent lessons from dozens of companies that have implemented CPQ, sometimes more than once. Every organization is different. Not everything will apply to yours, but there are lessons here for everyone. 

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