Personal Information

About Nicole France

Nicole France is Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation focusing on digital marketing, sales effectiveness, and customer experience. Her research examines the interrelationship between sales, marketing, and customer engagement and how to make it work effectively. France evaluates the tools as well as the principles and practices that generate the best results. She considers the customer relationship lifecycle to be one of the most critical aspects of digital transformation for any business. It’s also one that can easily go awry. Success requires a clear focus on the objectives as well as a thorough understanding of how technology tools help to achieve them—and where they can’t.

With over twenty years of experience as both technology analyst and marketer, she has a unique perspective on both the trends and the practicalities of effective customer engagement. Throughout her career, she has focused on successfully adopting technology capabilities and the transformative impact they have for customers.

Coverage Areas

Digital marketing, sales effectiveness, bringing B2C seamlessness to B2B commerce, account-based strategy, sales by design, re-focusing the organization on closing deals and driving customer experience. 

Professional Background

  • Executive thought leadership, Cisco, 3 years
  • Technology capability and industry marketer, Fujitsu, Equinix, 8 years
  • Industry analyst, Gartner, 9 years


  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Economy, University of California, Berkeley