Executive Summary

Kinetica is a real-time database that is purpose-built to enable analytics on time-series and spatial data on a massive scale. The product was developed in 2016, just as data from sensors and machines began to explode. Spatiotemporal data from smartphones, vehicles, aircraft, cyberattacks, networks, satellites, weather tracking, and everything else that moves and is measured over time is growing faster than any other data type. Kinetica’s technical advantages enable it to quickly handle complex, high-scale analyses that would cripple conventional data warehouse platforms and even specialized databases lacking Kinetica’s combined time-series and spatial analytical capabilities. 

This Offering Overview report recaps the differentiating features and capabilities of Kinetica, including comprehensive native vectorized processing, distributed and columnar architecture, on-demand graphical processing unit (GPU) acceleration, and industry-leading temporal and spatial analytical capabilities. The report also details Kinetica’s new SQL-GPT feature, which uses generative AI (GenAI) for natural-language querying by way of a tunable large language model (LLM) built directly into the database to ensure accuracy, consistency, and data security. Technology buyers should use this report to evaluate Kinetica for implementation. 


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