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About Doug Henschen

Doug Henschen is Vice President and Principal Analyst focusing on data-driven decision making. Henschen’s Data-to-Decisions research examines how organizations employ data analysis to reimagine their business models and gain a deeper understanding of their customers. Henschen's research acknowledges the fact that innovative applications of data analysis requires a multi-disciplinary approach starting with information and orchestration technologies, continuing through business intelligence, data-visualization, and analytics, and moving into NoSQL and big-data analysis, third-party data enrichment, and decision-management technologies.

Insight-driven business models are of interest to the entire C-suite, but most particularly chief executive officers, chief digital officers, chief financial officers, chief marketing officers, chief information officers, chief customer officers, and manufacturing and supply chain leaders.

Coverage Areas

Analytics, big data platforms and NoSQL technologies, business intelligence, data exploration and visualization, data integration and orchestration, decision support and management, decision-management and real-time analysis technologies.

Previous Experience 

Prior to Constellation Doug Henschen led analytics, big data, business intelligence, optimization, and smart applications research and news coverage at InformationWeek. His experiences include leadership in analytics, business intelligence, database, data warehousing, and decision-support research and analysis for Intelligent Enterprise. Further, Henschen led business process management and enterprise content management research and analysis at Transform magazine. At DM News he led the coverage of database marketing and digital marketing trends and news.

Professional Background 

  • InformationWeek, Executive Editor, 5 Years
  • Intelligent Enterprise, Editor In Chief, Editor 6 years
  • Transform/Imaging, Editor in Chief, 6 years
  • DMNews, Executive Editor, 1 year


Bachelor of Arts, Syracuse University

Big Ideas

Data-Driven Insights Will Drive Your Next Business Model

Whether through real-time understanding of customer behaviors and preferences, spatial analysis of mobile interactions, or third-party-data enrichment, organizations will uncover previously latent product or service opportunities. Whatever the case, leading companies are disrupting markets and industries with new business models built on data-driven insights and an emerging insight economy.

Intention Driven Decision Support Systems

It's possible to know what customers, partners, employees, and suppliers want before they know they want it. Armed with big, varied data -- including from new sources such as sensors – organizations will build a far richer, contextual understanding of customers. There are clear signals in the information overload. But fixed rules and simplistic funnels are dead. Predictive and probabilistic understanding must be matched by product portfolios and next-best offers that are as rich as the varied context of customer behavior.