7:00am - 8:30am, Oct 27

Nothing beats a hearty breakfast to get you energized for Day 2. Get set for another action packed day!Read more

Day 2 Welcome!

8:30am - 8:35am, Oct 27

Day 2 kicks off with some real-world discussions on serious issues from governance, lessons learned, data privacy, and industry insights.  We'll also go deep into the discussion of experience management and orchestration of next best action and recommendations.  Take the time to ask questions and share your insights!  We'll cap off the evening with our 11th annual SuperNova Awards and find out who the winners are!Read more

Dennis Kanemitsu

Chief Operating Officer and President, Constellation Research, Inc.

CR Talks: Soon Yu on Agitate to Stimulate – How Successful Brands EMBRACE A DOSE of Good Friction

8:35am - 9:05am, Oct 27

Since the moment the first human-invented the wheel, we have been on the hunt to do more with less effort. This has accelerated in recent years with a ruthless focus on creating frictionless experiences. But have we gone too far? 

Indeed, not all friction is created equal.

In the quest to reduce bad friction, have we neutered all the good friction? Good friction is essential to induce the much-needed happy chemicals like Adrenaline, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins (A DOSE). Good friction that leads to creating Exclusivity, Meaning, Belonging, Rapport, ...Read more

Soon Yu

Best Selling Author, CMO, Iconic Advantage

Headliner Futurist Keynote: Everybody Wants To Rule The World

9:25am - 9:40am, Oct 27

Digital Transformation Is Not Enough When Facing Digital Giants

Which kinds of companies will thrive and which will get crushed by the powerful forces in the global business landscape now at work? This groundbreaking new guide will help you adapt and change your business to thrive among digital giants, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World will help you:

Understand the power of Data-Driven Digital Networks and how they have driven the most successful companies of our time.

Learn how...Read more

R "Ray" Wang

Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research

Brain Trust: Keeping Customer Experience a Team Sport

9:40am - 10:00am, Oct 27

Ask any organization, who owns the customer and one will hear at least 47 answers.  For customer's to encounter a seamless experience across channels, departments, processes, and partners, customer experience must be a team sport.  Learn how these organizations are ensuring that customers never have to worry about what department and employee is in or what channel they are being serve across.  Learn why customer experience is a team sport!Read more

Liz Miller (Moderator)

VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc.

Steve Fiore

Area Vice President, Teradata

Steve Forcum

Chief Evangelist, Avaya

Miguel A. Gamiño, Jr. (BT150 Alumni)

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships | Head of Global Cities and City Possible , Mastercard

Market Maker 1:1 Fireside Chat with Dr. Geeta Nayyar at Salesforce

10:00am - 10:20am, Oct 27

Constellation's Founder and CEO, R "Ray" Wang will go in-depth in a fireside chat with market makers and ask the tough questions with Dr. Geeta Nayyar, M.D., M.B.A., who is the Executive Medical Officer at Salesforce. Dr. Nayyar is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare information technology, a physician executive, a frequently sought-after public speaker, and an author with unique perspectives that bridge clinical medicine, business, comRead more

Geeta Nayyar

Chief Medical Officer, Salesforce

Visionaries: Radical Data Access Strategies

10:35am - 10:55am, Oct 27

As more organizations realize that the cost of cloud storage is not as cheap as expected data virtualization technologies and new Data Cloud storage technologies that are becoming part of every data fabric. Companies want to avoid creating costly second and third copies of data just to perform analytics on it away from production. Organizations also want easy multi-cloud storage without the complexity of putting everything in Kubernetes containers. In this session learn new terms like Zero-Copy Cloning, Time-Travel and Materialization to express the radical new techniques available to...Read more

Holger Mueller (Moderator)

VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Matthew Harrowing

CEO , Intenda Corp.

Joe Hughes

Principal-Deputy Technical Officer- Assurance CT & Product Management Officer, EY

Brain Trust: Beyond Digital Monetization And Commerce

10:55am - 11:15am, Oct 27

The future of commerce is AI driven, networked, built on trust.  What will it take to get there? What will post-pandemic digital channels look like for the non-digital natives?Read more

R "Ray" Wang (Moderator)

Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research

Ken Grady (BT150 Alumni)

Corporate Vice President & Chief Information Officer, IDEXX Laboratories

Brian McGlynn

General Manager, eCommerce, Coveo

Gary Schoch

Global GTM Leader HCL Customer Experience Software, HCL Software

Visionaries: The Transition From Remote Work To Work From Anywhere

11:15am - 11:35am, Oct 27

The pandemic has acclerated where we work, when we work, and how we work.  In some cases, we've seen why we work shift. Join this panel on the future of work, employee experiences, and what's next among visionaires in the field.Read more

Dion Hinchcliffe (Moderator)

VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Katy Colletto

VP, Office of the CHRO Solution Marketing, Workday

Monica Kumar

SVP Marketing and Cloud Go-To-Market , Nutanix

Dmitri Krakovsky

Chief Product Officer, Unit4

Prasad Setty

VP of Digital Work Experience, Google Workspace

Brain Trust: Everything You Need To Know About Planning, Back Office Convergence, and ERP

11:35am - 11:55am, Oct 27

Post pandemic, organizations have doubled down on efforts to apply real-time financial data, review plans on a weekly basis, and integrate financial systems were often seen as a back burner exercise. Post-pandemic, meetings began with planning, forecasting, and analytics.  Business groups expected to have real-time data and technology teams were given carte blanche to improve finance, planning, and accounting.  Learn from these masters on what clients have done and what are the best practices in analytics, automation, and AI to drive Integrated Finance, Planning, and Accounting.Read more

R "Ray" Wang

Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research

Grant Halloran

CEO, Planful

Executive Exchange The Experience Economy

11:55am - 12:15pm, Oct 27

Paul Greenberg (Moderator)

President, The 56 Group, LLC

Jonathan Becher (BT150 Alumni)

President, Sharks Sports & Entertainment

Kenny Lauer (BT150 Alumni, AX50)

Partner | Ecosystem & Experience, Prime Moves Lab

Cindy Zhou

Chief Marketing Officer, LogRhythm


12:15pm - 1:20pm, Oct 27

Feast outside on the Ocean Lawn with fellow innovators and pioneers.Read more

Industry Insights: Revisiting Density As A Business Model (Travel, Hospitality, Entertainment, Retail)

2:20pm - 2:40pm, Oct 27

Learn the post pandemic lessons from the most impacted busines models - Travel, Entertainment, Sports, and Telecom.Read more

Liz Miller (Moderator)

VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc.

Karthik Balasubramanian

Senior VP and Head - ISV and Emerging Verticals, Persistent Systems Inc

Gunjan Bhow (BT150 Alumni)

Chief Digital Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Industry Insights: Defi Convergence (Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail)

2:40pm - 3:00pm, Oct 27

Industries continue to collapse around multi-sided markets of data value chains. Banking, finanical services, insurance, and retail continue an exponential convergence. Learn what the new business models will be and how these industries will moenetization insights as profitability in transactions wane.Read more

Dion Hinchcliffe

VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Lara Druyan (BT150 Alumn)

Managing Director, Silicon Valley Data Capital

Sudhir Jha (BT150)

Senior Vice President and Head of Brighterion, Mastercard

Aiaz Kazi (BT150 Alumni)

Chief Energizer Officer, Stealth

Vera Silver (BT150)

Director, Barclays

Ken Tsai (BT150 Alumni)

Managing Director, Ecosystem Platform and Co-Innovation Lab, Commercial Real Estate, JP Morgan Chase

Excutive Exchange: Data to Intelligence

3:00pm - 3:20pm, Oct 27

Tricia Wang (Moderator)

Co-Founder, Sudden Compass

Jana Eggers (BT150 Alumni)

CEO, Nara Logics

Esteban Kolsky

Head of Product, SAP CX Customer Service and Sales, SAP

Michael Ni

Chief Growth Officer

Ari Qayumi

Managing Partner, Mindful Venture Capital

Industry Insights: Patient Centricty- Healthcare At a Cross Roads

3:35pm - 3:55pm, Oct 27

Payors, providers, and patients remain in a tug of war for high quality, cost-effective, longitduinal care.  Learn how these leaders are deploying new business models and monetizaiton models to achieve the mission of patient centricty.Read more

R "Ray" Wang (Moderator)

Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research

Jimmy "Indy" Cho

Product Management Executive, Premera Blue Cross

Colleen McGuire (BT150)

Co-Founder and CEO, Silver Fern Healthcare

Joe Paxton

Senior Vice President - Life Sciences, Persistent Systems

Patrick Woodard

Chief Digital Officer , Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Johnny Wu

EVP and Chief Clinical Officer, Centurion Health

Industry Insights - Delivering on Mission and Purpose (Public Sector, Non Profits, Higher Education)

3:55pm - 4:15pm, Oct 27

"NO margin, no mission" is a famous quote from the Daughters of Charity's Sister Irene Krause.  As we shift to higher missions and purpose, we also need to bring transformation to the institutions that engender public trust.  Learn how these leaders are transforming their sectors and delivering for their constituents.Read more

Doug Henschen (Moderator)

VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Jonathan Feldman (BT150 Alumni)

CIO, City Of Asheville North Carolina

Matthew Kamien

Principal, St. John's Lutheran School

Theresa Rabe

Deputy Director of Human Resources, San Mateo County

CR Talk: Leadership For Exponential Impact With John Hagel

4:15pm - 4:35pm, Oct 27

We are in the early stages of a Big Shift that is transforming our global economy and society and that will require a fundamental shift in our leadership approaches. If we make the shift, we will find that mounting performance pressure evolves into exponentially expanding opportunity. Making this shift will be very challenging and it starts with acknowledging the emotions that are shaping our choices and actions. Increasingly, those emotions are driven by fear. We all need to find ways to move beyond fear and cultivate emotions that can help us to have much more impact that is meaningful....Read more

John Hagel

Management Consultant, Speaker and Author

Brain Trust: The Rise of ESG's on The Circular Economy, Environment, and Sustainability

4:35pm - 4:55pm, Oct 27

One of the top board room topics are environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Growing interest in supporting a wide range of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has led to new frameworks that address areas from climate change to employee compensation.  Learn from leading expets on what the key ESGs are and how topics such as the Circular Economy, Environment, and Sustainabilty play a role in the new operating environment.Read more

Tricia Wang (Moderator)

Co-Founder, Sudden Compass

Mei Lin Fung

Co-Founder and Chair, People Centered Internet

Ari Qayumi

Managing Partner, Mindful Venture Capital

Vijay Sundaram

Chief Strategy Officer, Zoho Corporation

Brain Trust: Transformation, Innovation, and Product Design

4:55pm - 5:15pm, Oct 27

What happens when you have to make a product or service faster, better, and cheaper.  How does transformation change innovation, product design, and how future products are delivered?Read more

Soon Yu (Moderator)

Best Selling Author, CMO, Iconic Advantage

Harmeet Chauhan

SVP, Wipro Limited

Thomas Cornely

SVP Product Management, Nutanix

Jessica Hall (BT150)

VP, Design , CoStar Group

Dirk Schapeler (BT150 Alumni)

President Business Creation Company, NTK / NGK Sparkplugs

Sunset over the Pacific

5:30pm - 7:00pm, Oct 27

Free time! Enjoy the fresh salt air, listen to the crashing sound of the ocean, hear classic bag pipes in the distance, and bask in the warmth of the sunset over the Pacific. Take a stroll along the coastline and recharge!Read more