Alexander The Great

Guess what Alexander the Great's success on the battlefield is often credited to?

SPEED of decision-making or decision velocity.

Most of his opponents had bureaucratic decision architectures, where minor decisions would travel up multiple levels of command before traveling back down to be executed. Compared to Alexander the Great's decentralized command structure enabled by trust, his troops beat their enemies by simply "out-decisioning" them.

I think you know where I'm going here...

Any organization that can make decisions twice as fast or one hundred times faster than its competitors will decimate them. Time is a friend to those who can make faster, more accurate decisions. While the human brain may take minutes to decide, and it takes hours for a decision to work through an internal organizational structure, machines and artificial intelligence engines can make a decision in milliseconds in the digital world.

Whoever masters these automated decisions at high velocity will have an exponential advantage over those who don't.

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