Data Supremacy

DDDN's Are The Heart Of Data Supremacy

Here’s what I mean, because data is the foundation and first priority of every Data-Driven Digital Network (DDDN) that wants to grow, you have to understand how the data is shared, monetized, and controlled–so identifying the biggest pools of quality data and how that data is consumed is essential.

Data supremacy isn’t so much about having the most data in quantity but having the most qualitative, well-curated, high context data. If you can learn how the data interacts with each other and pick up on the patterns that arise from these interactions, you’re set up for success.

These insights come from their “interactions” among all the data produced and captured. Successful DDDNs are masters at identifying the patterns that emerge from these interactions. These patterns lead to “precision decisions,” from how much to charge for a product to what product should be recommended to which customers.

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