At its DREAMFORCE 2013 event Salesforce introduced Salesforce 1 Service Cloud, which is powered by the Salesforce 1 Platform.  The Salesforce 1 platform provides open API’s for developers or ISVs to incorporate service notification into products and applications.  With this cloud based offering, problem notification is embedded into the application itself and connects products directly to service support.  Service becomes proactive and provides the customer with an entirely new experience of being notified when a product needs service.  When the product notifies the service organization it needs repair, customers avoid having to make a service call or wait for a device to break, thus enabling them to enjoy uninterrupted use of a product.

The 1 Touch Service Cloud is specifically designed for mobile devices and provides service personnel full access to the product status and customer’s information from a smartphone.  It speeds response times, as information is transferred immediately to any smart device from the service cloud.  This functionality sets a new bar for service organizations and provides greater agility with its capability to connect to any device at any time. 

Another important part of the 1 Touch Service announcements is its community application that helps support teams solve more difficult questions.  It enables a field technician to access the shared intelligence of a larger community quickly, which improves product knowledge and accuracy.   With this feature, a field technician can tap into the community and even send a photo from a smartphone to better describe the issue and the larger community can assist in resolving the issue swiftly.

When companies struggle with the need to differentiate their support service and to manage costs, the Salesforce 1 Service Cloud offers an innovative way to do both.  Customers enjoy the security of knowing that their product has the ability to send out a notification when service is needed and brands reduce costs by more efficient use of service technicians who know in advance of the type of repair that is needed.   At the DREAMFORCE 13 convention several customers including Philips, HP and Black and Decker spoke of their “amazing” experience in using the 1 Touch Service Cloud and its ability to transform customer support.

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