Next Generation Salesforce Automation CoverMoving beyond Traditional Salesforce Automation

Traditionally, marketing and sales organizations often have worked in silos. Studies have shown that such lack of alignment results in significant lost revenue potential and decreased sales effectiveness, as sales representatives spend time sorting through leads that are not ready to buy and as marketing teams fail to directly link marketing investments to revenue opportunities. Furthermore, sales reps’ effort to cross-sell or upsell is often compromised because they lack insights into customer preferences and complete buying history.

Today, with the advent of social media and mobile technologies, the amount of customer data available to businesses has exploded exponentially, presenting a great market opportunity for companies to learn about their customers, create effective and engaging strategies and programs and, ultimately, increase sales and marketing effectiveness.

This report aims to provide a high level discussion of best practices in today’s digital world and what organizations must keep in mind in order to fully take advantage of the data growth coming from a combination of social, mobile, and cloud technologies. With the right technology and processes in place, companies can dramatically increase revenue potential by integrating marketing and sales teams using modern marketing and salesforce automation software. 


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