The Customer view on Oracle Sales CloudEarly Adopter Experience Demonstrates Growing Traction in Oracle’s Customer Base 

Oracle Sales Cloud presents the market with a paradox, being both a new product and a mature product at the same time. In fact, Oracle Sales Cloud supports many advanced business processes. At its most basic level, Oracle Sales Cloud is a sales automation tool with established capabilities such as helping sales representatives keep track of contacts, accounts, and opportunities, and helping their managers make forecasts and manage territories. While it has unusually deep functionality for a new product with features such as integration and territory management, it is also subject to the same rules of software development as any new product.

To resolve this paradox, Constellation interviewed customers, developers, systems integrators, end users, and product managers at Oracle itself. Constellation reviewed demos, attended trade events, and asked Oracle for detailed product information. Oracle’s early internal deployment provided a drink-your-own-champagne experience in improving the product. Extensive conversations with customers, systems integrators, and competitors lead Constellation to seriously recommend Oracle Sales Cloud on short lists for existing customers and select prospects.


Purpose & Intent: 

Many potential customers and partners of Oracle Sales Cloud would like to understand from third parties if the claims Oracle makes about the product are accurate. Conducting extensive research, including interviewing customers, systems integrators, and others with firsthand experience of the application, has allowed Constellation to provide an objective view through three customer case studies. 


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