The CXO Guide to Digital BusinessUnderstand Why Digital Business Necessitates a Complete Transformation of IT and Operating Models

This report defines the business model and operational structure of a successful digital enterprise. A digital enterprise is an organization that can dynamically and in near-real time sell services to other participants in digital marketplaces, an approach that changes the business model at all levels.

The business model of a digital enterprise differs from a goods-based model for a number of reasons, including a business strategy focused on customer experience, a design and manufacturing model focused on performance, an expense calculation based on operating expense and the decentralization of IT.

This report provides an in-depth look at the advantages of a digital enterprise and five ways the digital services model differs from a goods-based business model. The report examines how and why the digital enterprise must decentralize its IT. This document serves as a guide to CxOs, business managers and IT departments looking at making a strategic move to become a digital enterprise.

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