Implementing a Workshop on the Internet of ThingsBest practices for generating quality IoT initiatives 


As smart services begin and continue to disrupt the market, it’s time for enterprises to understand the underlying technologies of IoT and smart services, as well as how to plan and build services to gain the first-mover competitive advantage. The market has changed, and waiting to see what happens will leave competition too far behind to catch up. 

While the first report on the foundational elements of IoT explained the technology around the increasing amounts of connected sensors and data, this report focuses on the business aspects of this trend. The first section reintroduces key concepts from the first report to ensure every attendee has at least baseline knowledge of the technology before diving into the two workshops outlined and explained thoroughly in this report. 

In each workshop and exercise, there is a description of how to carry out the session and the objective for each one. They also provide prevalent industry examples to help illustrate what the sessions should try to achieve. 

A worksheet is provided to help document the required data. It’s important to note that the two workshops are connected, and research and discussions will carry over from the first into the second. It’s noted where this information should be included and updated as the workshop team works through the process. 

To conclude the report, Constellation provides recommendations for enterprises as they dive into exploring options for creating smart services within their market sectors. It’s recommended that the workshop leads thoroughly read through the entire report before beginning workshop 1, exercise 1. 

Purpose & Intent: 

This research report defines the root causes and impacts of the Internet of Things (IoT), introducing a technology-based disruption to markets and business activities. As a second report in a series on IoT, this report builds on the foundation set in the previous report, titled “The Foundational Elements for the Internet of Things (IoT).” A few concepts have been reintroduced to ensure that workshops have the necessary background, refresher data to carry out effective and insightful sessions. 

By understanding how IoT will redefine the term “service” in the era of digital business, organizations will gain the capability to design an actionable IoT strategy. It is assumed that the members facilitating the workshop will be aware of the basic technology elements and terms of IoT. 

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