The Case for the Middle Office Solving Problems Posed by IoTResearch Reveals The Middle Office as The Key to Unlocking Rewards from Technologies Like IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates huge profit-generating opportunities for enterprises. How? By transforming the business opportunities created by the internet into an entirely new industry of services. However, issues with interoperability, integration, and security present seemingly insurmountable obstacles to the realization of a true, interactive IoT. 

This report makes the case for the creation of a “Middle Office” as a solution to the gulf between the Front and Back Offices. The Middle Office, aided by its computerized models and intelligence systems, delivers complex integration of data and calculation of multi-dimensional responses to resolve the security, integration, and interoperability issues posed by technologies like the Internet of Things. 

This report closes with an examination of the Middle Office in financial market trading enterprises. 

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