Constellation Astrochart Data to Decisions TrendsData to Decisions Business and Technology Trends Enterprises Must Track from 2017 to 2020

The Constellation AstroCharttm supplies a visual guide of the trends affecting Data to Decisions. After assessing boardroom priorities, organizations should employ a Constellation AstroChart to inform portfolio management.

This report contains two Constellation AstroChart graphics - one identifying Technology Trends and one identifying Business Trends. Business leaders should consider these trends when planning for 2017 to 2020. The chart's vertical axes plot Organizational Adoption rates from Mainstream to Early Adopter to Bleeding Edge. Horizontal axes plot Business Impact, the impact of the trend on an organization’s business model, from Incremental to Transformational to Exponential. The Constellation AstroChart moves beyond both the hype and constraints of the standard two by two grid to identify the dynamics affecting the entire market.

This report applies the Constellation AstroChart to Constellation’s business theme of Data to Decisions. This research domain examines the enablement of data-driven decisions across organizations. Holistic, data-informed decisions require a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates performance monitoring with traditional business intelligence and analytic technologies.

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