Business and Technology Trends Enterprises Must Track Through 2024

The Constellation AstroChart supplies a visual guide of the trends impacting the overall business climate. After assessing boardroom priorities, organizations should employ AstroCharts to inform portfolio management. 

This report contains two AstroCharts: one identifying Business Trends and one identifying Technology Trends. The AstroCharts’ vertical axes plot “Organizational Adoption” rates from Mainstream to Early Adopter to Bleeding Edge. Horizontal axes plot “Business Impact,” the impact of the trend on an organization’s business model, from Incremental to Transformational to Exponential. The Constellation AstroChart moves beyond both the hype and constraints of the standard 2 x 2 grid to identify dynamics impacting the entire market.

This report serves as the base Constellation AstroChart for use across Constellation’s business themes. Individual themes will have their specific flavor and be published throughout the year.


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