Constellation’s 2023 H2 “CxO Business Confidence Survey” assesses the confidence of C-suite executives in today’s business and technology climate as well as their financial outlook for 2023. The survey asked respondents to identify top business issues impacting their enterprises, weigh in on their state of investment in digital technologies, and confirm which service and software vendors are top of mind in the industry.

Every enterprise has been affected by the generative AI boom in 2023, particularly its growth surge over the last six months. Although many efforts remain in the pilot state, enterprises are shifting their focus and budgets to digital tool adoption, large language models (LLMs), efficiency and productivity automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) skills training.

The end-of-year reality around generative AI is largely “hurry up and wait.” Buy-side CxOs are balancing the pressure to invest in the AI space with the need for certainty about the reliability of these new tools. In turn, enterprise tech vendors recognize and predict strong revenue potential in the generative AI space but currently are in the waiting phase of tangible selling and the client’s desire to see tangible return on investment (ROI).

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