Marketing Begins With Continuity of ExperienceContinuity

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, and have managed to take a look at my book, I think we can say that we’ve established that digital disruption impacts every person and every business on the planet. Nowhere is the impact being felt more than in the marketing department.

I’ll be presenting on the Future of Marketing and diving in on how marketing teams need to deliver continuity in order to really operationalize the campaign to commerce lifecycle.

When we think about digital disruption, it’s in the marketing department where we  see both power and responsibility. The rise of marketing automation and analytics tools gives marketing teams the power to do so much more. And on the other hand – the responsibility of evolving the business lives largely with the marketing team that must decide who to target, how to target and when – and execute a significant part of it. Not to mention the role that marketing must play as they educate and lead their organizations to the true nature of brand – not a logo, not a slogan, but a promise that must be delivered on by everyone.

It’s a tall order. Please join me for the Future of Marketing webcast presented by Microsoft Dynamics and learn more about how you can drive success in this new age of marketing!

Feel free to join the conversation at #MSDynCRM #CustExp.  I also encourage you to keep watching for lessons, and join in full keynotes and book tours.

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