Oracle Marketing Cloud Customers Will Gain Channel Agnostic Customer Experience A/B Testing Solution

Oracle Maymiser

Oracle announced the August 20th, 2015, agreement to acquire Maxymiser, a multivariate and A/B testing solution used to improve customer experience.  Here’s the quick video analysis of the deal (see Figure 1). (A blog post may follow given time constraints). 

Figure 1. Video Analysis Of Oracle’s Maxymiser Acquisition

News Analysis: @Oracle acquires Marketing Cloud A/B Testing Firm @Maxymiser from Constellation Research on Vimeo.

The Bottom Line: Oracle Ups The Game In Customer Experience

The move from gut driven decisions to data driven decisions in customer experience requires multivariate and A/B testing.  Unlike many channel specific solutions, Maxymiser gives Oracle the opportunity to deliver the same testing platform across a journey sprinkled with a variety of settings and channels.   Settings gain importance in a post IOT world where your car, your office, the conference room, or your living room bring a different set of experiences.

Recommendations: Get What You Need Now Before The Merger Closes

Should the merger close, Maxymiser customers and prospects with deals about to close should ask for the following:

  1. Long term price commitments.  If you have a 1 year deal, plan for a 3 year pricing plan that is fixed or below CPI.
  2. Feature commitments.  If there is a road map prioritized item, get a written guarantee on what release the feature you need will be delivered.
  3. Change of control clause.  Include language that allows you to keep existing agreements in the event of change of control.  Also provide an out clause if needed on change of control for situations such as mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures.

Your POV.

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