ServiceNow continues to go shopping. the company said it has acquired 4Industry, a Netherlands company and partner focused on manufacturing, and Smart Daily Management, a connected worker application from EY.

The most recent deals bolster ServiceNow's current portfolio of operational technology offerings that are focused on manufacturing, energy and transportation and logistics.

In February, ServiceNow said it acquired Atrinet's NetACE technology to better focus on telecommunications companies. In December, ServiceNow acquired UltimateSuite for task mining tools.

ServiceNow's broader strategy with these deals is to take apps that are critical to industries and replatform them on its Now platform. For instance, UltimateSuite will be added to its platform. Atrinet NetACE will be replatformed to ServiceNow. And 4Industry, which provides an app with tasks, knowledge base and data for field workers, was already on ServiceNow's platform.

By adding these smaller acquisitions, ServiceNow can integrate them and then launch new products. 4Industry and the Smart Daily Management application will be used to build a new Connected Worker service on the ServiceNow platform in 2025.

Terms of the aforementioned deals weren't disclosed.