ServiceNow launched a series of Now Assist generative AI services across its platform.

The features, available today, are part of a systematic effort to infuse generative AI use cases across workflows courtesy of Nvidia GPUs, ServiceNow large language models (LLMs) and the Now Platform.

Specifically, ServiceNow launched Now Assist in Virtual Agent, flow generation and Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM). ServiceNow's generative AI strategy revolves around what it calls "practical generative AI applications" that focus on use cases and smaller models that are more efficient.

ServiceNow CEO McDermott talks business transformation, generative AI, processes

During a recent analyst briefing, CJ Desai, ServiceNow's Chief Product Officer, said:

"If we have smaller LLMs, they are cost efficient. They serve a particular use case. Small is better and a specific use case will run faster and provide a great experience. Our strategy is simple: Have ServiceNow specific small language models."

Among the ServiceNow generative AI features now available:

  • Now Assist in Virtual Agent makes it easier to create and deploy generative AI chat experiences. Updates include Q&A in knowledge management and multi-turn conversations for service requests and catalog orders.
  • Flow generation, a feature that enables a broader user base of admins and developers to automate more workflows using generative AI, which will take text prompts and create workflows. Workflows can then be tweaked and refined using App Engine's no-code interface.
  • Now Assist for FSM uses generative AI to access activity, parts and incidental data to summarize field work and provide more proactive service.

The three additions are available in the ServiceNow Store.

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