ServiceNow said it will acquire UltimateSuite, a task mining company, in a move that brings the company more in line with automating processes and tasks as well as workflows.

UltimateSuite's flagship product revolves around task mining, but it also offers robotics process automation (RPA). In recent years, ServiceNow has acquired parts that put it more in competition with Celonis and UiPath on multiple fronts.

ServiceNow said the purchase of UltimateSuite bolsters its ability to identify process bottlenecks as it uses AI to automate work. UltimateSuite will be integrated into ServiceNow's Now Platform.

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According to Eric Schroeder, vice president of NowX product management at ServiceNow, task mining can reveal "a more accurate picture of how people work."

ServiceNow has acquired G2K and Element AI for AI automation tools, Intellibot for RPA, and has built process mining into its Now Platform. ServiceNow also announced a partnership with Celonis in 2021 and reportedly has tried to acquire the process mining company.