Salesforce launched Einstein 1 Studio and the Spring release of Data Cloud as it works to infuse copilots and low-code generative AI tools across its applications and platform.

The news, released at Salesforce's TrailblazerDX developer conference, was touted by CEO Marc Benioff during the company's earnings conference call.

Einstein 1 Studio is a low code set of tools to enable Salesforce customers to customize Einstein Copilot with Copilot Builder, Prompt Builder and Model Builder. Salesforce is aiming to be the trust layer between AI models and enterprises.

From a product perspective, Salesforce is pairing Einstein 1 Studio with its Data Cloud. In Einstein 1 Studio, Copilot Builder, which will have integration with MuleSoft APIs and Salesforce developer tools, is in beta. Prompt Builder is generally available so developers can reuse AI prompts. Model Builder, which allows developers to choose language models or build them, is also generally available.

Salesforce also released an updated version of Data Cloud. Here is the breakdown of some of the Data Cloud additions:

  • Data Spaces, which allows customers to segregate data, metadata and processes, is generally available.
  • Model Builder with a wide choice of LLMs is generally available.
  • Related Lists, Copy Fields and Industries enhancements are generally available.
  • Data Cloud for Financial Services is available.
  • Data Graphs will get tools to define relationships between data points without SQL queries and manual data joints.
  • Service Intelligence is available and uses models to provide insights for services teams.
  • Triggered Flows are enhanced for testing and troubleshooting before activation.