Microsoft Copilot is being upgraded to OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo model as the software giant rolls out a series of generative AI updates. The move comes as Microsoft and OpenAI move to put the Sam Altman kerfuffle in the rear-view mirror.

In a blog post, Microsoft said Copilot will soon be able to answer with OpenAI's latest model, which is being tested and will roll out more widely in the weeks ahead.

What remains to be seen is whether these model updates affect usage or become a simple behind-the-scenes rollout. With model choice becoming more of a concern, enterprises are likely to wonder about model updates and what it would take to swap out foundational models if needed.

For now, the Copilot model updates land between the OpenAI soap opera and AWS' launch of its Q generative AI assistant that runs across its services.

In addition to GPT-4 Turbo upgrades, Copilot will get OpenAI's new DALL-E 3 Model for images and capabilities that combine GPT-4, vision with Bing image search and web search data.

Microsoft also said it is testing Code Interpreter, a service that will provide more accurate calculations, coding, data analysis and visualization. Code Interpreter is in limited testing too. Bing will also get Deep Search, which will use GPT-4 to provide better search results for complex topics.

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