Einstein Everywhere In Every Cloud And Every Industry

Dreamforce 2019 kicked off to 171,000 on-site attendees and over 13 million online viewers.  Sessions packed in at Moscone Center and the surrounding hotels were bursting at the seems, even with Howard Street shut down as the HQ for the Dreamforce National Park.  The event often known as the “Greatest Enterprise Show On Earth” brought together more thought leadership than Davos and The Business Council combined.  The major announcements at the show include:

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  • AI everywhere. What we are seeing from this Dreamforce is this pervasiveness of AI and how it will be used throughout the Salesforce products and how industries will be impacted by these advancements.
  • Industry focus. The expansion of the Industry Clouds has spurred business transformation conversations across value chains for financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, consumer goods, and government.
  • New product launches. Customer 360 Truth, Einstein Voice Skills, Service Cloud Voice, Einstein Call Coaching show case the power of conversational experiences.  Salesforce also beefed up MuleSoft Accelerators, delivered an new learning journeys, and improved the Tableau Catalog.
  • Key partnerships. Microsoft Azure – Salesforce solved a key customer need for Azure support. Salesforce - Apple Trailhead Go gave mobile users free access to Trailblazer courses.  Trailhead GO is a mobile app for Trailhead exclusive to Apple's iPhone and iPad.  Salesforce – Amazon Connect reinforced the Amazon relationship around contact center agent enablement and training.

Figure 1. Event Report: #DF19 Is All About Einstein and AI

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Event Report: The Dreamforce 2019 Feed #DF19

The Bottom Line: The Future of AI Is Ambient

The visible areas focus on Voice UX and contextual recommendations that Einstein will provide.  However, the value is in the ambient experiences that emerge when a casual suggestion is made.  You don't want AI in your face, but you appreciate an automated recommendation or subtle suggestion to make your day more productive, unlock an insight you may not have though of, or help you prevent a disaster from happening in compliance or regulation.  The goal is next best action, or best next action behind the scenes and natural, always learning and improving from each interaction and building a digital feedback loop that powers precision decisions.

Your POV.

Will you be ready for AI?  Do you have the basic building blocks in place?   Will Einstein AI change your transformation objectives?  Add your comments to the blog or reach me via email: R (at) ConstellationR (dot) com or R (at) SoftwareInsider (dot) org.