1. Can we submit our application for more than one category? Sure. Tailor your application for relevancy, and resubmit your application for each additional category.
  2. I work for a vendor/PR firm, and want to submit a client for an award, how can I ensure the application isn't disqualified? You may submit an application for a client, but ensure the contact information on the application belongs to the applicant; not you. We will disqualify any applications in which the contact information and applicant information do not match. You may add your contact information alongside your client's information.
  3. Can I nominate a client? Yes, but you must provide client contact information. Any applications without client contact information will be disqualified.

  4. What should I write about? The SuperNova Awards use a set application designed to highlight innovative adoption practices, the effect of disruptive technology, and the leadership of the nominee. You should do your best to emphasize unique adoption hurdles, resulting change in business model as a result of the implementation, and provide strong metrics to show the business value of the project to the organization. Download a sample application. 

  5. Any insight into what you're looking for? We're looking for end users who are utilizing technology in an innovative way. We understand the trials of disruptive technology adoption, and we want to honor those who are making it happen within their organizations.
  6. How can I make my nomination stand out as a finalist or winner?
    • DO pick an innovative customer that has done something powerful. Something that drove a new business model, a new revenue stream or a more productive, customer-winning way or working.
    • DO get the nominee involved in the online nomination. They can tell their story holistically, and their authority in describing business benefits stands out.
    • DO look for nominations that detail concrete returns on investment with (hopefully) hard-dollar ROI statements as well as qualitative benefits.
    • DO submit holistic nominations that detail the complete solution and that are focused on business benefits, not just the one-dimensional use of your product/service.
    • DON’T nominate a customer simply because they’re willing to let you use their name. Finalist and winning nominations always demonstrate innovation, holistic depth, and concrete ROIs.
    • DON’T submit a one-dimensional nomination that is only about the use of your product, without any sense of the business challenges and complete solution.
    • DON’T nominate your own company/product. This is an end-user (customer) awards program.
  7. What are the elements of the Awards application? Preview a copy of the awards application here: http://constellationr.com/content/what-expect-when-applying-supernova-award. Review applications of previous SuperNova Award winners here: https://www.constellationr.com/content/supernova-award-winners

  8. Are there fees to enter the awards? Nope.

  9. Portions of my submission are under NDA. Will you honor NDAs? You should not submit any information that is under NDA. The information in the application will be published to the Constellation website for public voting should you advance to the finalist round.

  10. What is the difference between the "Metrics" and the "Results" section of the application? The "Results" are the results of your project--before and after results work well here. We're looking for an explanation of how your project changed your organization, company, or industry. The "Metrics" are essentially the numbers to back the "Results" section of the application. We want to see numbers in the Metrics section.

  11. Can international applicants apply for the Awards? Yes! We accept international and domestic applications. The SuperNova Awards is a global search for the most innovative technology projects!

  12. When will the SuperNova Award finalists be announced? Finalists will be announced on August 2, 2023. All finalists are invited to attend Constellation's Connected Enterprise innovation summit. Constellation's Connected Enterprise | October 23-26, 2023 | San Francisco Bay Area

  13. When will the SuperNova Award winners be announced? The SuperNova Award winners will be announced live, on stage at the SuperNova Awards Gala Dinner - on the second night of Constellation's Connected Enterprise. October 25, 2023.

  14. When do the polls open? The polls are open August 7 - September 2. More information about voting after Constellation announces SuperNova Award finalists on August 2, 2023. 

  15. How do I vote? Come back August 7 and you'll be able to cast your vote from this webpage.