Constellation Insights
June 12, 2024

GM builds its data factory, eyes genAI

Brian Ames, senior manager of production AI and data products at General Motors, said the company has stood up its data factory and plans to layer in generative AI capabilities in the next year.

Constellation Insights
May 5, 2024

Generative AI spending will move beyond the IT budget

Generative AI will drive IT budgets, but the spending is likely to be spread around a bevy of business units too. The more likely outcome is that generative AI spending for projects will be spread around business units and be absorbed in the budgets that run the entire enterprise.

Constellation Insights
October 13, 2023

JPMorgan Chase: Why we're the biggest tech spender in banking

JPMorgan Chase executives were asked a simple question during its third quarter earnings conference call: What's the benefit of spending the most on technology in the banking industry? The answer illustrates how every company is a tech company to stay relevant and customer engagement has to span multiple channels.