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TripleBlind is a leader in the relatively new and fast-evolving category of privacy-enhancing computation (PEC). A great many options are emerging for unlocking the inherent value of data in decision-making while maintaining privacy and control over data locality and visibility. Some use new mathematical techniques such as homomorphic encryption, statistical perturbation, or pseudonymization to enable third-party analytics without exposing personal details (although these methods are complex and fragile), whereas others copy data to an intermediate clean room for hosted analytics (a comforting and transparent approach but one that challenges data localization policies).

In contrast, with the TripleBlind APIs and user interface, customers have access to secure multiparty computation (SMPC) and other advanced privacy tools.TripleBlind claims that its SMPC includes proprietary improvements over other SMPC options—including TripleBlind’s own computationally superior Blind Learning (a patented solution for distributed, privacy-first, regulatory-compliant machine learning at scale), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) inference, distributed inference, and distributed regression techniques—that make it suitable for different use cases. All data remains localized within the customers’ own networks, within which they choose the analytics to run. Customers retain full control over their own security posture and their own standards of care for their valuable data assets.TripleBlind’s code has undergone rigorous independent evaluation by the MITRE Corporation and has proven its high technology readiness.

In the busy data protection market, with many new algorithms in play against regulatory tensions, Constellation believes that strong R&D and rigorous validation are at a premium. One mistake in execution or the math, and customer privacy can be irreparably damaged. Yet the potential rewards for safely unlocking data are enormous.TripleBlind’s award-winning research-driven solutions may help shift the paradigm in a highly risk-averse environment by enabling organizations to share analytic outcomes instead of sharing data.

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