How Digital Canvases Enable Hyper-CollaborationThe New Employee Experience That Speeds Up Personal Productivity and Team Collaboration

In this report, Constellation Research examines the primary hurdles that hinder personal productivity and team collaboration, introduces how digital canvases provide the new user interface for speeding up work and highlights business use cases for organizations to get started with hyper-collaboration.

Digital canvases are a new style of user interface (UI) that brings together content from multiple sources (applications, websites, knowledge bases, etc.) onto a single screen, providing context to a topic or business process. This new UI should be familiar to employees because it emulates working on a whiteboard where people can draw or attach content, either on their own or with a team.

Hyper-collaboration is the result of this new UI, as content and conversations take place together, reducing the challenges that arise when switching back and forth between multiple applications. Hyper-collaboration enables teams to brainstorm, share knowledge, work on projects and make decisions faster, more accurately and more consistently.

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