How AI Enhances Personal Productivity and Team Collaboration Automating, Augmenting and Accelerating the Employee Experience

This report examines how the employee toolset of communication, collaboration and content-creation software is being enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI). The areas discussed are not about visions of the future but, rather, reflect how the critical business tools used today—such as email, calendars, group messaging, word processing and web conferencing—are being improved to help people do their jobs. Examples highlight how AI-powered software can automate routine tasks, assist in finding information and improve content authoring. For this to happen, these applications require large data sets for training and a secure infrastructure for the processing to take place.
Early adopters should use this report to learn how both personal productivity and team collaboration are being enriched by this new era of AI-augmented software. This report focuses on how work is changing and explain why people should be optimistic about the changes, which are enhancing the employee experience.
The ways that AI is improving job-specific (industry-vertical) software such as human resources, sales, marketing automation, customer support, finance, DevOps, security, healthcare, legal and manufacturing are outside of the scope of this report but may be covered in other Constellation Research papers or Parallax Points of View.
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