Why Self-Service Access to Well-Governed Data Is Crucial for Business Optimization and Transformation 

As the world moves toward a post-pandemic return to business, leading organizations continue to pursue digital transformation and innovation goals even as they seek efficiencies and optimization. Self-service analytics and cloud initiatives are helping with business agility while prediction, personalization, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things projects are driving innovation. All of the above depend on data, often data at scale and increasingly residing partially or entirely in one or more clouds. In this environment, data governance and adherence to security and privacy controls as well as compliance with regulatory requirements have never been more challenging.

This report explains how organizations can deliver fast, business-user-friendly self-service access to information while also ensuring proper data governance. The report focuses on data catalogs, which are proliferating because they ease access to data and promote business agility. But it’s important to adopt an enterprise-grade catalog that spans all data and related assets as well as hybrid and multicloud deployments. The report also explains that catalogs should also include or tightly integrate with business glossaries, data-lineage tracking, data stewardship workflows and data governance and compliance capabilities. Finally, organizations must address the people and process aspects of governance to ensure that users adopt the new technology and employ it to find and rely on trustworthy information in a compliant manner.

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