Healthcare Solutions Firm Uses Online Program to Cost-Effectively Create a More Aligned and Skilled DBA Team

Cerner Corp. is one of North America’s largest suppliers of health information technology solutions, services, devices and hardware. More than 27,000 healthcare facilities around the world use Cerner’s offerings. Its IT department and the CernerWorksSM hosting division manage and operate the company’s private healthcare cloud, which consists of thousands of Oracle Database instances. 

As Cerner increasingly turned its health IT capabilities into products, building on the foundation of Oracle Databases, it needed to educate its database administrators (DBAs) to not only work more closely with product management groups to support growth but also support the rapid onboarding of thousands of healthcare customers. 

Cerner used new digital online training resources from Oracle in a short period to dramatically improve the technical currency of its staff and improve the return on investment (ROI) of its Oracle database systems. Over time, Cerner has substantially reduced the time it takes to stay up to date with product capabilities, ramp up new staff and ensure that staffers stay current with training and education on Oracle products in order to have a low impact on operations and their work/life balance.

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