CRTV SPECIAL EDITION: Ethical Marketing - Navigating The Dark Arts And Temptations Of Paid Marketing And Bot-Driven Metrics In an Age of AI

In this special ConstellationTV live episode, CEO and founder R "Ray" Wang moderates a live panel of industry experts for a complimentary workshop on operating with trust and integrity in today’s #marketing landscape. You won't want to miss insights from the following experts:

  • John Furrier, Cofounder & CEO of SiliconANGLE & theCUBE
  • Crystal G., VP of CX and Ops, ARInsights
  • Molly Lauck, Director of Communications, CMTA
  • Ludovic Leforestier / Founder, Starsight Communications & The IIAR (Institute of Influencer & Analyst Relations) Board Member
  • Larry Dignan, Editor in Chief, Constellation Research, Inc. Insights
  • Liz Miller, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc.

Topics covered in today's session include:

  • The impact of paid #media vs organic audiences
  • What are sustainable approaches to building influence and audience
  • Where you can go to support independent #analysts and media who participate with integrity
  • What are the leading practices to building an audience with both paid media and organic approaches
  • What are the key marketing metrics in an Age of AI

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