Is personalization really where CX wants to land? Is it even close to enough? In this installment of CR CX Convos, Liz Miller continues to dive into the details of her last convo with SAP's Nitin Badjatia where they discussed the shifting tides of CX and more specifically therising call for contextualization over personalization. As we continue to innovate how experiences are crafted and delivered, rapidly experimenting and iterating with tools like GenerativeAI, now is the time to better understand the difference between knowing the customer and understanding their circumstance.

This conversation explores the idea of modern CX in context of a customer and their business. Miller talks thru if a bigger shift is in the works that will turn the conversation from personalization to contextualization. Breakthrough experiences that cut through the bland sameness and directly engages with a person in context of their specific industry, acknowledging the uniqueness of their circumstance and journey are more possible than ever. While organizations look past channels of delivery, it will be the journeys and the "moments" that matter.

If you missed the first convo, check out Miller's CR CX Convo with Nitin Badjatia here.