Catch the latest #CX Convo between Liz Miller and Alan Masarek, CEO of Avaya. They cover what's next for the organization, how Avaya has re-centered its brand financially and culturally, and how this #transformation will empower and shape its #customerexperience and #employeeexperience moving forward...

Alan Masarek unpacks these four key objectives of Avaya...

➡️ Objective #1: Make Avaya a Destination Place to Work (DPTW) - a company that attracts the most talented in its industry. Culture wins all.

➡️ Objective #2: #Innovate on behalf of our customers, telling them about our product in a transparent and reliable way to regain trust. We believe in "innovation without disruption" where customers can choose where they want to be in the journey to public #cloud.

➡️ Objective #3: Be a #customer delight company. Everything is about #CX. "We're selling the promise that a business will generate a better customer experience for their downstream customer through our product... we have to be a fabulous customer service company or think how cognitively dissonant we would be."

➡️ Objective #4: #Accountability to one another, our customers, and our results...if you do the first three well, number four takes care of itself.

Watch the full conversation here!