Today Constellation Research published my latest report, Salesforce Chatter and the Salesforce1 Platform from Dreamforce 2013 and Beyond

Executive Summary: Over the last three years, has evolved its overall marketing message from “Social Enterprise” to “Become a Customer Company” and then to “The Internet of Customers”. Constellation supports the increased emphasis on customers and the reduced focus specifically on “social”. This change in messaging mirrors the shift is making with its collaboration platform Chatter. The company is improving it from being a stand-alone enterprise social network to being a core element of its line-of-business applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing and Customer Service. This report takes a look at Salesforce Chatter and highlights five strengths and five weaknesses in the service.

This report provides useful decision criteria for organizations investigating Salesforce Chatter, competitive intelligence for collaboration vendors who compete against, and areas of opportunity for business partners looking for ideas of what do build around the platform.

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Image:Salesforce Chatter: The Collaborative Foundation of Salesforce1