Shift to Digital Businesses Requires A Transformation Of Leadership And Organizational DNA

The discussion about digital business often goes deep into the five pillars of digital technologies.  In fact, the convergence of these pillars have spawned the latest and trendiest iterations of technology from enabling the sharing economy to 3D printers to wearables that drive sensor and analytical ecosystems.  As organizations contemplate how these broad based digital business trends will disrupt existing business models, leaders can apply Constellation’s Futurist Framework and consider dimensions from the political, economic, societal, technological, environmental, and legislative (PESTEL) angles.  However, even after much planning, astute CXO’s from market leading and fast follower organizations quickly realize that technology and process alone is not enough to transform their organization’s DNA inside the organization.

It’s Still The People, Stupid!

Despite robots potentially taking over by 2020 (snark), people still play a key role in the success of digital business transformation.  In the shift from selling products and services to promising outcomes and experiences, information flows faster.  Every node and person in the digital network must react more quickly, yet also needs to be more intelligent.  Success comes faster but so does failure.  Thus, both the seduction of massive success and the fear of facing massive failure provides a great catalyst to design, influence, infuse, or transplant the proper digital DNA.

The DNA Of Digital Artisans Blend The Intelligence Of Quant Jocks With The Co Innovation Skills Of The Creative Class

Organizations must assess their innate ability to thrive in a digital business environment.  These skills go not only beyond the quant jocks who deliver hard science and engineering prowess, but also beyond the creative class who can co innovate and co-create on demand.  Consequently, organizations are rethinking the attributes a digital business should employ and embody.

The Bottom Line: Rise Of Digital Artisans Required For Organizational Transformation

Short of having every leader emerge as the Chief Digital Officer, the new war for talent will focus on attracting, developing, and retaining digital artisans.  Concurrently, a market will develop for  those who can spread the digital business gospel and infuse digital artistry into organizations.  While there are many attributes a digital business should embody, seven building blocks behind digital ARTISANS embody the digital DNA required for success:

  • (A) Authentic: stay true to the organization’s mythology and brand
  • (R) Relevant: deliver contextual personalization at scale
  • (T) Transparent: operate with an understanding that everything eventually becomes public
  • (I) Intelligent: adapt to self learning, smart systems, that anticipate need
  • (S) Speedy: infuse responsiveness in digital time
  • (A) Analytical: democratize decision making with all types of data
  • (N) Non-conformist: espouse disruptiveness in the creation and innovation of new ideas

Your POV.

Ready for digital disruption?  Do you have a digital artisan DNA?  How did you get there? Add your comments to the blog or reach me via email: R (at) ConstellationR (dot) com or R (at) SoftwareInsider (dot) org.

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