Oracle's recent partnership announcements to supply Oracle technology to key cloud vendors such as Microsoft, NetSuite, and create serious implications for the market. 

On June 28, 2013, Esteban Kolsky, Holger Mueller, and R "Ray" Wang discussed the implications  of Oracle's recent partnerships for:

  • Salesforce customers
  • Microsoft customers
  • NetSuite customers
  • Oracle customers
  • Cloud competitors such as Amazon, Google, IBM, SAP, VMWare, and Workday

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Webinar recording (sorry, audio only at this time. If you require the slides, please send your request to Courtney[at]ConstellationR[dot]com)

Webcast Index

00:00 - This webinar is over subscribed!!

01:12 - Introductions of Esteban Kolsky and Holger Mueller w/ host R "Ray" Wang

01:40 - April Fool's joke gone live?

01:53 - Oracle's Earnings Call and Larry Ellison's "Leak"

04:05 - Oracle Microsoft partnershp "When hell freezes over - Oracle Databsae in Azure and Hyper V running Oracle database?"

09:16 - The flavors of Cloud Computing

14:34 - Oracle sneaks out Oracle Database 12c

21:23 - Netsuite's Partnership With Oracle HCM abnd Deloitte

25:57 - Are we going back to closed models instead of the open cloud?

29:13 - And now a word from our sponsor... Constellation's Connected Enterprise October 30 to November 1, 2013 San Franicsoc, CA- Register here

30:19 - Salesforce - Oracle "Bromance or Betrayal" the Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff Telenovella

34:06 - Is this about succession planing for Oracle's Larry Ellison?

35:26 - Why not IBM, Dell, HP? Will we have a walled garden of #cloud?

39:43 - Impact on SAP HANA

42:26 - The story of Tom Siebel's one trick pony and demise, why the "better together" strategy w/ Oracle ERP

47:08 - Is it the end of multi-tenancy as we know it?

49:35 - What does it mean for customers? Axis vs Allies

54:00 - Event Plug: Oracle Open World is September 22 to 27, Dreamforce is November 18 to 21. Both events are Moscone Center.

54:27 - What customers are saying

58:42 - Q & A

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