Our cycle for refreshing the Constellation ShortLists completed in July and in addition to my B2B and B2C Marketing Automation reports, I’m pleased to release a new ShortList specific to Marketing Analytics. Today’s CMOs face an increasingly challenging landscape of marketing channels and technology to manage while needing to prove their efforts are impacting sales. Although there is no shortage of analytics solutions in the market, I evaluated close to 30 standalone analytics solutions that are powerful enough for organizations with a marketing data science team, yet simple for the non-technical marketer to operate. I looked for solutions that:
  1. Provided role-based dashboard views to help marketers in different functional areas gain insight into campaign performance quickly.
  2. Contained attribution models that could provide first-touch/last-touch and weighted multi-touch attribution.
  3. Easy integration with existing marketing and sales technology stack (marketing automation, ad platforms, social networks, and CRM). Several of the solutions evaluated include embedded Artificial Intelligence capabilities to help surface intelligent insights for marketers to make better campaign, spend, and segmentation decisions.
My goal is to find solutions to help CMO’s prove revenue contribution and enable marketers to be more productive and make better/faster decisions.
The following five standalone solutions (in alphabetical order) made the Constellation Marketing Analytics ShortList. I recommend these solutions to early adopters pursuing digital transformation. 
For more information and the full evaluation criteria, please visit Constellation ShortList Marketing Analytics