What’s Next For 2021?

Join this special video to learn what happens in the post-election world with regards to geo-politics and technology.  The esteemed guests include:

Dr. David A Bray, Director, GeoTech Center and Director, GeoTech Commission at the Atlantic Council

Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and Principal Analyst of Constellation Research, Inc. | Tuck School of Business CIO Roundtable | ZDNet Contributor

R “Ray” Wang, CEO of Constellation Research, Inc. | Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council

Key topics discussed addressed cover questions such as:

  1. So what does this all mean with a Democratic President, potentially Republican Senate, for the US, the World?  
  2. Where does the US vs China relationship go?
  3. What can we learn from Elon Musk?
  4. Does GDPR apply to space?
  5. What will happen with the future of digital cooperation?
  6. How has technology eroded human rights? What rights does a baby in 2040 have upon birth?
  7. Where will we be on our right to digital privacy?
  8. What should data policies look like?
  9. Will digital avatars play a role in the future?
  10. How has economics failed to explain what’s really going on in this digital world?
  11. What happens in a culture of abundance?  Will we be efficient?
  12. How will we make this work for the 8 billion people on Earth?

The Hope For Clear Leadership And Stability Emerges

Ray – Don’t expect massive change given our federal system. Policy and themes may set direction but there is only so much the federal government can do. States and localities will still have a lot of local control.  This balance of power ensures stable government.

Dion – Most organizations are extremely complex systems that make it hard for a single level of control to drive change.  The Influencer leader is emerging as the most effective agent.  Clear and stable leadership is key.  Servant leader is the model where we are emerging as the most effective.  The world is becoming a place where there is limitless opportunity and we seem to be evolving mostly on the technology side but not the rest of the other areas. 

David – Tech policy and relationships will change.  Europe and NATO wants to know how to work best with the Biden administration.  The last four years has seen a decoupling of Europe and American over the past four years.  A new coalition and community of digital democracies seek to bring closer ties.  This coalition builds on those open societies who like choice and promote freedom not oppression from technologies.