ServiceNow launched Now Assist generative AI tools across its platform and offered some specifics on add-on pricing.

With its Now Platform Vancouver Release, ServiceNow launched Now Assist across its core categories. Now Assist is built on a ServiceNow domain-specific large language model (LLM).

Specifically, ServiceNow launched Now Assist for IT Service Management (ITSM), Customer Service Management (CSM), HR Service Delivery (HRSD) and Creator.

With the move generative AI can be embedded across ServiceNow workflows. For instance, Now Assist across the ServiceNow portfolio can provide contextual summaries and incident resolution notes, curb the manual work required by agents and generate code.

The big question is how much these generative AI features will cost. Vendors have taken multiple approaches including across-the-board price increases, add-ons, new SKUs and credits for generative AI usage.

ServiceNow said feedback from 150 early customers of Now Assist indicates that there are gains in productivity in weeks. CEO Bill McDermott, speaking on ServiceNow's second quarter earnings call, said the company hopes to capture some of the value customers are receiving and was upbeat about premium SKUs.

According to ServiceNow, customers can buy add-ons to get access to Now Assist generative AI. Among the details:

  • ServiceNow IT Service Management, Customer Service Management, or HR Service Delivery Pro or Enterprise solution can buy Professional Plus or Enterprise Plus add-ons to get Now Assist.
  • Pro Plus and Enterprise Plus add-ons are available to customers with industry-specific licenses such as Telecommunications, Financial Services and Healthcare.
  • Now Assist for Creator is available with Creator Plus licenses.
  • Pro Plus, Enterprise Plus and Creator Plus add-ons are purchased by seat. Each seat allows a user to execute a certain amount of "assists." More complex generative AI interactions eat up more assists. This approach sounds similar to Adobe's credit program for generative AI.
  • ServiceNow didn't detail the initial entitlement of assists but noted more capacity can be purchased.

Enterprise pricing will vary based on volume discounts, the number of seats used for generative AI and complexity of interactions. The only certainty is that you'll be paying ServiceNow more for generative AI capabilities.